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Precision Wooden Design with CADWORK and CNC

We  offer a comprehensive service of designing wooden structures using CADWORK software and precise cutting of elements on a Hundegger K2 CNC machine. Our service not only provides the opportunity to easily create customized projects but also ensures the highest accuracy in detail and connection execution. With the ability to review the project before its realization, our clients can be assured that the final result will meet their expectations. Additionally, our adaptation to the BIM environment facilitates collaboration and integration of our solutions with other construction projects. 

Our service also enables the realization of structures in various wooden construction technologies, such as: 

  • timber frame, 
  • CLT, 
  • glued laminated timber, 
  • wooden frame, 
  • post-and-beam structures, 

allowing us to meet even the most demanding client needs. 

We design
We cut it out
We deliver

structures such as shelters, gazebos, roof trusses, timber frame houses, and other wooden constructions. 

The elements are transported to the client in numbered packages. We provide construction plans, metal connectors, and all the information needed for self-assembly.