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Stick Frame



The building features a simple, calm form with flat, harmonious facades. The shorter facades are identical, with windows placed along the axis of symmetry. To provide natural light to the unused attic on one side and the living room with dining area on the other, oculi with a diameter of 120 cm were incorporated into the gables. The shorter sides of the building do not extend the eaves line, giving them a slender appearance despite their modest height. The longer facades, with their elongated, horizontal proportions, are divided by vertical French windows to reduce the impression of excessive length. Key areas on the facades, such as the entrance zone at the front and the living room at the back, are highlighted with different finishes. 

A×A+F Architektura Anna Flak
ul. Narbutta 38 lok. 23, 02-541 Warszawa
aaf@architekturaaf.pl www.architekturaaf.pl
+48 600 331 990
Architektura Ewa Popko
ul. Narbutta 38 lok. 23, 02-541 Warszawa
+48 507 137 131

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